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Lets talk. Our new program is for Consultants and Engineering firms that want to help their clients launch their Asset Management system with success. A truly successful launch will not only help your clients with their short term problems but allow you to help them understand their long term needs.

We hope this new program will help firms like yours keep an open connection to your clients in a regular basis.

LINK: Small Community Grant Program.

The Small Communities Grant Program is part of Cartegraph’s dedication to transform cities, counties, and states across the country into high-performance governments.

By making our Asset Management Technology more economical and attainable, this program aims to help small organizations become more effective, efficient, and productive for their citizens.

Key reasons why your firm might want to become a launch partner:

  • One location for all data for projects, with our web-based solution you can jump in, do the work and know that when you come back for the next project, all the data will be there for review.
  • Immediate work to ensure all key assets are loaded into system.
  • ESRI connection opportunity, if you manage the esri accounts or they do, it will be easy to connect to AMS.
  • Provide key insights to communities their utilizing data, spot trends, see issues and analyze the long term goals of that community

What is Cartegraph looking for:

  • We are NOT looking for an external sales team.
  • We are looking for partners who can help their clients and ours get the onboarding process started
  • We provided the training to your firm
  • No partner cost
  • We are a software company and we are looking for service providers to help their clients grow, we are here to support you and the communities you serve.

Lets Get Started

DOWNLOAD: Small City, Big Success: A Guide to Infrastructure Asset Management